Summer is almost gone! - De zomer is bijna voorbij!

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Tja de zomer is bijna voorbij en wat hebben we weer genoten. Zo veel gedaan, feesten bezocht, nieuwe quilt gemaakt, gezellig bezoek gehad uit Nederland 2 x. Quiltdagen en natuurlijk aan mijn vingerhoedjes gewerkt!

Summer is almost over, but we enjoyed it to it's fullest! Done so many things, visited feasts, made a new quilt, very good friends of Holland were our guests. Quilting Days and of course I worked on my thimble quilt!

Ik zal jullie een paar foto's laten zien van de Quiltdag in Firenze. Wil je ze groter zien, klik dan op de foto!
A few pictures for you from the Quilting Day in Florence.
Click on them, then they get bigger!


left : Danny and me      ritght 2: Annalisa and me

Funny Gianna Bacquis telling a story!

left : Laura Viscusi with her sister and niece - right : the quilting day group. 

Lady's from Bologna: from left to right, Marina, Paola and Mara.

Annalisa - sister of Laura, niece and Laura from Prato - I don't know the names from the lady's at the right picture.

left: Suzanna, Silvia, Stefania and a lot more from my Florence group - right picture: Lady's from Pisa. 
Overall view!

Left: A lady from Prato together with Franca from Florence - right: Silvia, Ludovica, Paula and others from my Florence group.

My dearest from Bologna now together: from left to right, Simonetta, Marina Paola and Mara.


left: My friend Carla at the left with the Prato Lady - right: my dearest friends Ivana who bakes great cakes! and Daniela.
Together again.

Our workshop for this Quilting Day.

En nu dan eindelijk de foto's van mijn vingerhoedjes!!!!
Now, finally the pictures of my thimbles!!!!

My materials I use for my thimbles!

This is what they look like.

So now I have to stop, cause I need to work at my new quilt Tegeltjes Wijsheden.


Zo nu moet ik stoppen want ik ga snel verder aan mijn quilt Tegeltjes Wijsheden, maar daarover snel meer.

Quiltse, BABETTE.

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Annelies zei

Wat een gezellige foto's. Je vingerhoedjes zien er top uit !

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